The Big Sleep

Humphrey Bogart and lauren Bacall in the Big Sleep's The Big Sleep

"Neither of the two people in the room paid any attention to the way I came in, although only one of them was dead"

Summoned by the dying General Sternwood, private eye Philip Marlowe is asked to deal with several issues that are troubling Sternwood's family. Marlowe discovers that each problem centers about the disappearance of Sternwood's favoured employee who has left with a mobster's wife. Each of the problems becomes a cover for something else as Marlowe digs deeper...

The Big Sleep, filmed in 1945-1946 is based on a book by Raymond Chandler. It is the quintessential film noir and although it has a rather convoluted plot, it doesn't take away the fact it's a classic. The story stays true to Chandler's book, although obviously omitting certain aspects of the novel...explicit content etc.



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